That’s Better…

My bff and I ❤

Well, it’s funny what a couple days can do,

When I last did a personal post my outlook was less then chipper and that’s putting it mildly. Fast forward to today and I couldn’t be happier!

Why the switch? Thanks to my Step-mom I realized something very important. The place is just a place to hang my hat, well, if I wore one. In order to be the happy 21 year old hip happenin chick I want to be I need to keep as busy as I possibly can outside this “house”. This has been the case my entire life, I’m happiest when I have a purpose and regular human contact, but I think it’s especially important now given the depressing environment I now live in. Luckily the universe feels the same way.


A day or two after I posted my blog I received a call from my best friend asking me to go to a concert with her. Given my need to “get the hell outta dodge” as they say, I responded with an enthusiastic “Hell yes!” and I’ve been PSYCHED for the past two days! It doesn’t even matter that this place is sad as fuck because now when I feel out of place there’s a little voice in my head that’s like “Whateves, I’m goin to see Marianas Trench BIOTCH!” My inner voice is very gangsta.


Oh, but wait, there’s more!

I was recently chatting with one of the CCA’s I’ve become quite close with about my novel. We were discussing my chagrin at having to use an abstract image for my cover because one cannot use copy righted images and because I’m not a millionaire, yet, I can’t hire models. She then said the best words I’ve heard all week: “You know, I’ve got some guy friends who would probably pose for your cover. Why couldn’t we find a gothy spot in town and do a little photo shoot and you could pick one for your cover?”

After I regained my ability to form words, I decided that was the best idea ever! Nothings 100% set yet but I should know by this weekend if we’re good to go! I saw photos of the guy she’s going t ask to “play” the lead and he’ll work quite nicely.If this works out I’ll be the happiest author ever! So yeah, that could be a thing.


And I just became a volunteer with the local children’s’ hospital. I got an ID and it’s laminated! How legit is that! Right now my only job will be checking to see if info for one of their databases is accurate, but once that’s updated I’d really like to volunteer to read to/tell kids stories. I had a job at the local library doing that back in my hometown and I loved it. It just feels good to help a group of people who helped me a lot growing up (I was in and out of there a lot for surgery and specialist appointments).

I guess that’s all for now, just wanted y’all to know that the status report isn’t as dire as it once was.

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8 Responses to That’s Better…

  1. The other chick in the chair lol (Nicole) says:

    Great to hear things are looking better for you 🙂 I recently had a few days of blah and not feeling so great about life but mom gave me a stern its not that bad so put on your happy face type thing and it makes all the difference. Anyway glad to hear your happier now 🙂

  2. rockandwheelin says:

    Yay! Happy for you hun. M. xxx

  3. Kafoodie says:

    Hey! I offered to pose shirtless, with my grey locks blowing in the breeze, for your cover when you first started writing that book and all you said was “Ewww, Da-ad!”.

  4. Janet Levack says:

    Happy for you,Vicky

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