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Ok, context would be good chick. You’re right, I’m sorry let me explain.

Last week I went to the concert with my best friend I discussed in my last post, and it was the best thing ever so let me regale you with the tail of our little adventure…

The concert started at seven (Well, it was supposed to, it started late. As my friend reminded me every minute they were late.)  The concert was outside so we decided to go what we considered to be super early and left my place together at 4pm to ensure we got a good spot because we are both a tad on the petite side. “Surely getting there by 4:30 will be sufficient.”  We thought… Yeah, we were wrong.

The line was fucking huge. I believe my friends response upon seeing it was “Holy crap, we’re gonna die.”  Since I’m the classy one in our friendship I responded with “Holy shit balls!”  We could have been like the crazies and shown up at 8am, but as my companion so eloquently phrased it “Fuck that.” It’s just a good thing my wheelchair elevates to 5’1 or I wouldn’t have been able to see a damn thing. I mean look at this mob!

Yeah, holy fuck

So yeah, thanks for that handy option Joan and Dad. It also put my friend’s mind at ease; she gets worried about losing me in large crowds in the city because people could be like axe murders or cannibals, or axe murdering cannibals! Can’t say I blame her, I watch the news.

Anyway, after standing around for three hours, well one of us stood, some chick named Kay opened for Carley Rae Jepsen. Yeah an opener for the opener, weird eh? She was some rapper chick from Nova Scotia who was terrible. She had no stage presents and made me see exactly what Lady Gaga’s kid would look like if the father was a mouse. It was highly disturbing. Sometimes I wonder how the hell people get famous…

The face of Satan!

After the mutant Barbie left the stage, to very few claps I might add, Carle Rea Jepsen’s band came to set up. This seemed to be a hit with the ladies, not because it meant someone who doesn’t suck was going to take the stage but because her guitarist was a q to the t times pi. It was hilarious! The dude didn’t even have to do anything except stand there to make the girls in the audience go YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! No, I wasn’t one of them.

J (The girl who I went with) didn’t get it. More than once she’d turn to me and say “Wtf”? Nothing’s going on”. I then explained that hot guy +guitar= raging hormones. It’s like a scientific fact. Here’s a pic of the back of hot guitar guy’s head:


That is one smexy cranium

Anyway, as soon as Carley Rea came out things got awesome! She was amazing and I’m surprised I still had my voice and hearing by the time she was done due to the amount of screams my own WOOOOOOOOOOOO’s were mingled with. These included J’s “DO YOU SEE HER? DO YOU SEE HER!!!?”




I learned something about Miss Jepsen whilst watching her performance that I wouldn’t have suspected, chick is crafty. She pulled the ol’ “Ya think I’m gonna sing my hit song but I’m not. Psych! Yes I am!” Which earned a “That bitch!” From J because she had planned to record us singing along with her performance and had put her camera down when we thought wasn’t going to be sung and had to scramble to get it recording again. It was funny: D.

Fist of power!!!

After that Carley’s hot guitar guy had to leave the stage, sad times.

Then Mariana’s Trench took the stage and all hell broke loose. Holy shit guys, bitches be crazy and so do rock stars for that matter.

Josh Ramsey, AKA lead singer aka one of the best peeps EVER!

Ok. Let’s start with the most fucked up shall we. One of the many times the lead singer jumped into the mob (Which pissed security right off btw), some chick, at least I’m assuming it was a chick, I didn’t see it happen, decided to shove her hand down the front of buddy’s pants. WHAT… THE… FUCK?! You just don’t fucking do that ok? That’s sexual assault, the guy could press charges. I know he won’t, but he could ok? No, just, no, ewe. Wow, suddenly my squeal of delight whenever I watch anything with James Marsters doesn’t seem half as weird as it did a week ago.

I mean, look at da cute wittle face. Look at it ,just, awwwe

Moving on, the show was fantastic and totally worth the $47.00 I spent on my ticket. They didn’t just sing they preformed! That being said, I don’t know which was more fun to watch, the show or J watching it. J fangirling is probably the funniest/cutest thing I have seen like ever. She was head banging and jumping around and screaming like a nut and it was aufreakindorable. At one point she ran into the crowd when the singer ran by and came back all flustered after almost being smooshed by the horde, and was like “I touched Josh Ramsey, or maybe his body guard but whatever, it was awesome!” Love ya J.

Oh, I almost forgot! Her journey back to me from the horde looked a lot like this…

Well I guess that’s all to report. Main point It was awesome and I’m so glad J remembered it because that reminded me why I moved here in the first place. After all you can’t do that in valley!

Now, here are some random funny quotes from that night.

J: “If they hurt you I’ll snap their necks.” (After I mention I might get squashed by the horde.)

V: Laughs hysterically.

J: “Why do laugh when I say violent things?”

V: “I’m morbid.”



J: “yay! Nothing’s happening!”

V: -shrug- “Hot guitar guy just walked by.”


J: (Referring to Josh Ramsey) “He might crowed surf.”

V:”I hope he doesn’t come back this far. He’d end up on my tray.”

J:”That’d be ok.”



Josh Ramsey: “Shh, Daddy’s talking.”

Josh Ramsey to a band mate: “You taped a dick to the back of my guitar, asshole.”

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4 Responses to The Blog In Which I Rock!

  1. Jessica says:

    haha good times

  2. Janet Levack says:

    Glad you two had fun

  3. dianeic1 says:

    I’m also happy you both enjoyed the night! And that you both got through it in one piece.

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