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Making homes our home.

For those of you who are new to my litlle corner of the internet or need a refresher. I’m 27 years old with a disability that requires 24 hour care, because of this I live in a nusing home. When … Continue reading

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I’m not dead yet!

  Hey my lovelies! I’ve decided to dust off this old thing and see where it takes me. It’s been awhile so I may be a tad rusty so with me. As for the content, I have some ideas but … Continue reading

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Sometimes Beautiful Things Grow in Shit…

Oh my Spike! What? How? Why? Whaaaa? My dear readers, last night I watched the most atrocious movie to ever be made. A movie so terrible it actually made my head ache with its stupidity. A film that was so … Continue reading

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The Blog In Which I Rock!

OMG THAT WAS AWESOME! Ok, context would be good chick. You’re right, I’m sorry let me explain. Last week I went to the concert with my best friend I discussed in my last post, and it was the best thing … Continue reading

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That’s Better…

Well, it’s funny what a couple days can do, When I last did a personal post my outlook was less then chipper and that’s putting it mildly. Fast forward to today and I couldn’t be happier! Why the switch? Thanks … Continue reading

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Musical Musings

Hey interweb peoples, First, thank you to everyone who read my previous post. I felt it was an important story to tell and at the time I’m writing this so do 11 others. So, thank you! Anybody who has known … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home?

Hey everyone! You know, I’ve been feeling a tad down lately. So I’m dealing with it the way any a 21 year old in the current century would: Eating carbs (I have no chocolate at the mo), listening to show … Continue reading

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