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Sometimes Beautiful Things Grow in Shit…

Oh my Spike! What? How? Why? Whaaaa? My dear readers, last night I watched the most atrocious movie to ever be made. A movie so terrible it actually made my head ache with its stupidity. A film that was so … Continue reading

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From AHHHHHHHHHHH To Awwwwe: A Look at Why We Find Vampires Soooooo Hunky

So sorry I haven’t blogged in forever there are two reasons for this: 1. the topics just weren’t coming to mind. 2. I just didn’t wanna. Anyway, enough with the damn excuses that’s not why ya’ll are here. If you … Continue reading

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Uptown Girl

Hey ladies and dudes, I am happy to announce that this chick is once again moving to the big city, When? that’s the thing. See, I’m waiting to get on a waiting list (weird concept I know) for this nursing … Continue reading

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Hello blogosphere,  I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey. A journey into my mind (for  those of you who know me personally this is a scary thought, I know). I figured before I do … Continue reading

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